O-Zone Tech digital signage elements with other content providers to provide custom, fully automated and integrated solutions.

PADS4 by Net Display Systems

As an exclusive Canadian Regional Manager, O-Zone represents one of the world’s most successful smart digital signage products: PADS4 from Network Display Systems.  Originally developed to support airport display needs, NDS now provides world-class signage capabilities with unparalleled integration tools and connectors.

Resellers and end-users may contact us for more information regarding implementation of PADS4 digital signage solutions.

Wayfinding by MappedIn

O-Zone Tech is proud to resell the award-winning, cloud-based wayfinding solution by MappedIn.  Check out this cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates your web, mobile and kiosk needs in an omni-channel environment.  MappedIn is a key partner with PADS4 – look for direct integration capabilities in 2017.

Videowalls by Userful

The Userful Network Video Wall is the first video wall to deliver ultra-high definition (up to 8k) in real-time over the network using a standard PC.  It dramatically reduces the cost of deploying video walls by using a single PC with small zero client devices at each display.  AV professionals can now deploy video walls with amazing flexibility. The solution supports multiple channels of live content simultaneously using pre-set zones within the video wall.  It supports both standard grid configuration and artistic “mosaic” video wall lay outs with any angle rotation of individual displays.

Userful has built-in integration wizards that work perfectly with PADS4.

Video Analytics

The promise of real-time video measurement, analytics and marketing is available now through Quividi.  Quividi is the market leader in:

  • capturing and maintaining viewer attention
  • providing 100% measurement and analytics 24×7
  • providing real-time knowledge to operators, agencies and advertisers
  • and all done with complete privacy and integration

Quividi is a recognized partner with PADS4 – call us to see how you can use PADS4 to act on real-time video calls-to-action.

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